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Optivisol Philippines, price, how to use, forum – first aid for tired and irritated eyes!

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Optivisol price, how to use, effect, opinion

Optivisol price, how to use, effect, opinion

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Vision is the main sense of a person through which he maintains a direct connection with the outside world, helps communication and self-realization. Any visual impairment reduces the quality of interaction with the environment, impairs performance, and sometimes completely deprives a person of the ability to lead an independent life. To protect your eyes from diseases and natural age-related changes, it is enough to lead a healthy lifestyle, eat and saturate the body with antioxidants, avoid any disease and stay active at any age. If time is lost and there are already the first “bells”, a more effective solution would be Optivisol, which you can buy directly from the manufacturer.

This article will tell you about what Optivisol is, how the product works, how to use it according to the instructions for use, what are the advantages of the product, where to buy Optivisol, how to order and what is its price in the Philippines Also on the forums and official website you can read reviews, comments and opinions on Optivisol.

What is Optivisol

Optivisol is a natural complex for the restoration and preservation of vision until old age. With it, it is possible to avoid even hereditary eye diseases – glaucoma, cataracts and others. The secret of the effectiveness of the drug lies in the use of high concentration extracts extracted from wild plants. The composition of the formula is based on several old recipes that have proven their effectiveness for many decades.

How Optivisol differs from conventional eye care products:

  • Completely natural composition, in which there are no synthetic products that can adversely affect the body
  • A high degree of assimilation of the components, allowing to achieve high performance with the use of minimal doses of the drug
  • Cumulative action – during the course of taking the active substances of the complex are heated up in the body and continue to work, even if the reception is over
  • Versatility – the tool is suitable for restoring eye health in a variety of disorders, as well as for preventing their occurrence
  • Safety – the components of the drug are repeatedly tested for environmental and pharmacological safety, and their combination reduces the likelihood of side effects
  • Affordability – optivisol is cheaper than most effective drugs to restore vision

Thanks to these properties, the Optivisol complex is able to increase visual acuity in just a month, relieve the symptoms of chronic eye diseases, and also protect the organs of vision from irreversible changes.

The product is produced in the form of a powder, packaged in portioned sachets. The powder is intended for the preparation of a solution for oral administration. One package contains 10 packets, and they are enough for a 10-day course. along with the packages, a detailed annotation is enclosed in the package.

What problems will Optivisol solve?

Optivisol vision powder is a universal organic complex, the list of indications for which includes several dozen diseases and disorders:

  • Dry eye syndrome, which affects office workers, those who work in the fresh air, as well as the elderly
  • Near-sightedness and far-sightedness, which do not allow you to see high-quality close or far objects, and require the constant wearing of glasses, lenses
  • Violations of iop and glaucoma, which can lead to a sharp and irreversible reduction in vision up to complete blindness
  • Metabolic disorders in the cornea – keratitis, thickening of the cornea, cicatricial changes, erosion, inflammation
  • Anomalies of the lens – clouding, cicatricial changes, atrophy and others
  • Anomalies of the optic nerve – atrophy, inflammation, impaired conduction

This is not a complete list of indications. In the course of clinical trials, the effectiveness of the remedy for various deviations was confirmed. Restoration of visual acuity, elimination of discomfort occurred in 89% of the test participants already on the 2nd day of using the drug. there are no such indicators of any analogue of Optivisol.

Composition and properties of components

The original Optivisol formula contains only organics – extracts and pure substances extracted from plants. The main active ingredients of the drug are:

  • A source of anthocyanins valuable for vision, which are powerful antioxidants that promote regeneration, anti-aging protection, and restore the structure of the retina
  • An irreplaceable organic compound that strengthens the cornea, normalizes eye functions, stabilizes intraocular pressure and helps restore the structure of the lens
  • Anti-inflammatory, healing component of the capsule, which improves the penetration of other components, strengthens the immune system, promotes total eye detox
  • Irreplaceable substances for restoration of the optic nerve, regeneration of the retina, strengthening the vascular network of the eye and maintaining the health of the mucous membranes of the conjunctiva
  • An indispensable component that is involved in metabolic processes, helps to restore the secretory functions of the eyes, stabilize intraocular pressure and improve visual acuity

The basis of the capsule is made of purified water without the addition of alcohols, sugars, synthetic preservatives.


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